Membership Fees

With the rise in cost of living in mind, TruckSafe has teamed up with Debitsuccess to introduce our members to the new way of paying for their TruckSafe membership.

Members now have the option to pay by the month via a direct debit agreement with Debitsuccess instead of being invoiced annually.

The monthly direct debit payment service is available for initial membership fees and renewal membership fees only and is managed by Debitsuccess, one of the largest full-service direct debit management services in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. Debitsuccess provides professional customer care and assistance whenever you need it in relation to your monthly payments.

You have the freedom to set the recurring nominated date you would like the payment to be made along with viewing your account details and status, the terms, along with updating your financial institution / credit card details and even make a payment via the Debitsuccess portal.

Ongoing phone and email customer support is a also available.

Please note the following important information:


If you are a new TruckSafe member of less than 12 months you will be on a fixed contract for the first 12 months. Penalties will apply if the contract is cancelled early. At the end of 12 months a fixed contract will become an ongoing contract.


If you are a member of more than 12 months, you will be on an ongoing contract that can be cancelled at any time.

The following monthly membership fees apply from 01 July 2022 inclusive of GST. The annual fee is 12x the monthly fee:



(Fixed is 12 month minimum term, Ongoing has no end date )



1 1-9 FIXED (New Member) $275.00
ONGOING (Existing Member) $115.00
2 10-39 FIXED (New Member) $440.00
ONGOING (Existing Member) $255.00
3 40-89 FIXED (New Member) $585.00
ONGOING (Existing Member) $360.00
4 90+ FIXED (New Member) $875.00
ONGOING (Existing Member) $580.00

These fees include single-site audits by a third-party independent auditor appointed by TruckSafe and access to the Member Access area of the TruckSafe website, where an extensive collection of sample policies, procedures, processes, forms, guides and more is available to assist with creating and maintaining your TruckSafe system.

The TruckSafe Direct Debit Agreement Terms and Conditions and Debitsuccess DDR Service Agreement documents contain the details of this service and should be read and thoroughly understood before signing up.

For any enquiries regarding this service please feel free to contact us.