Our Accredited Members

The best way to manage your chain of responsibility obligations is to use TruckSafe accredited businesses.

Only the operators listed below have been independently audited and successfully accredited to the TruckSafe standards, giving their prime contractors (or customers) piece of mind that they not only meet but exceed the requirements of the Registered Industry Code of Practice (RICP) Master Code.

These operators can proudly display the TruckSafe logo as a sign of their accreditation. This registered trademark is your way of knowing the operator is meeting their Chain of Responsiblity obligations.

If you see someone not listed below using the TruckSafe logo please let us know.

If your business wishes to become TruckSafe accredited please do not hesitate to contact us.

Australian Capital Territory
Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
Amey Bros 2008
New South Wales


Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
A & R Magill Pty Ltd 2002 Winner 2022
Abletts Transport Pty Ltd 2001
Allcrete Concrete Haulage Pty Ltd 2019
B & T Haulage Pty Ltd 2018
Bobbin Transport Pty Ltd 2006
Brailey’s Transport Pty Ltd 2017
Camsons Pty Ltd 2000
Cavanaghs Stockmaster Livestock Transport 2015
CDM Logistics 2009
Cleary Bros (Bombo) Pty Ltd 1998 Winner 2012
Coastal Transport Services 1998
Divall’s Earthmoving & Bulk Haulage 1999 Winner 2011
Doherty Transport 2006 Finalist 2017
F & A Scarcella Pty Ltd 2003
Federation Bulk Haulage 2016
Fellows Bulk Transport 2001 Winner 2016
Formula Chemicals (NSW) Pty Ltd 2013
Gerimoo Pty Ltd 2020
Hanlon Enterprises Pty Ltd 2001
Hardy’s Haulage 1997 Finalist 2017
Herb Blanchard Haulage 2010
Horne Ag Logistics 2022
Hume Transport Albury 1998
J R McDonald Transport 2020
Jim Pearson Transport 1996 Winner 2015, Finalist 2023
JJL Transport Pty Ltd 2002 Winner 2018
JRT Bulk Haulage Pty Ltd 2001
Kanoona Enterprises Pty Ltd 1998
Kelrismic Brickworks Pty Ltd 2016
Kelvin Baxter Transport Pty Ltd 1999
Keytrans Pty Ltd 1998
Load Master Pty Ltd 2017
Macquarie Valley Transport 2012
Mark Bloomer Transport Pty Ltd 1998
Martins Stock Haulage Pty Ltd 2004
McCabe Transport 2006
McCulloch Bulk Haulage Pty Ltd 2004
McGrath Newcastle Pty Ltd 2001
National Refrigerated Logistics Pty Ltd 2022
Newserv 2023
Nowlan Enterprises Pty Ltd 2006
Osland Investments Pty Ltd 2021
Parry Bros Pty Ltd 2007
Roadmaster Refrigerated Transport Pty Ltd 1996
Rodney’s Transport Service 2020
Rogieras Transport Pty Ltd 2003
Ron Crouch Transport Pty Ltd 2013
Ross Transport 2012
SCE Transport 2003
Services Australia – Mobile Service Centre Team 2012
Shoobridge Transport 2012
SRH Milk Haulage 1998 Winner 2020, Finalist 2022
Stephen Whatham Pty Ltd 2012
Stocktrans 2015
T & FS Woods Pty Ltd 2000
Tamex Transport Services Pty Ltd 2010
Ted Trans Pty Ltd 2016
Thompson Livestock Transport Cowra Pty Ltd 2017
Tippings Transport 2004
Trazblend Pty Ltd 2008
Unanderra Tanker Hire 2013
V Moss & Sons 2003
Vellex Logistics Pty Ltd 2005
W & M Saunders Transport (Moss Vale) Pty Ltd 1998
Wade Transport 2022


Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
Armesto’s Transport Pty Ltd 2000
Barnes Auto Co Australia Pty Ltd 2010
Barry’s Bulk Haulage Pty Ltd 2002
Bill Matton Transport 2022
Blenners Transport Pty Ltd 1997
BMR Logistics Pty Ltd 2021
Browns Citrus Transport 2003 Finalist 2020
Cairns Cargo Dist Pty Ltd 2002
Case Linehaul Services Pty Ltd 2018
CHS Broadbent Pty Ltd 2019
Daryl Dickenson Transport 2006
De Gunst Transport Pty Ltd 2002 Winner 2013
Edmonds Transport Pty Ltd 2022
Frank Lowe & Sons 2004
Frasers Livestock Transport 1999
Gerard Johnson Transport Pty Ltd 1997
Hillcote Bulk Haulage 2000
Hillman’s Transport Pty Ltd 1999 Finalist 2019
HLE Smith & Co 2016
HRX TPT Pty Ltd 2000
IWS Haulage 2005
Jarratt Transport Solutions Pty Ltd 2022
JR Bulk Liquid Transport 1997
Judd Brothers Trucking Pty Ltd 2017
Land Transport 1998
Manns Transport 2002
Mareeba Transport 2004
McClintock’s Transport Pty Ltd 2005
Mort & Co Transport 2008
Nolan Meats Pty Ltd 1998
Nolan’s Interstate Transport 1996 Winner 2019
Nortrans 1999
QLD Pork Freighters Pty Ltd 2017
Quickshift Vehicle Relocations 2021
Rebel Apple Transport 2022
Reef Recycling & Logistics Pty Ltd 2021
Richers Transport Pty Ltd 1999 Finalist 2012, Finalist 2016
RJ Loveday Transport 2015
Rocktrans 2001
Rugby Transport Pty Ltd 2007
Russell Transport Pty Ltd 2000
Sawtell & Sons Pty Ltd 2001 Finalist 2024
Seiler’s Transport 2016
Simon National Carriers 1997
Single Transport Services Pty. Limited 1997 Finalist 2019
Stockyard Transport Pty Ltd 1998
Sunchip Group Pty Ltd 2002 Finalist 2014
T & M Transport & Mechanical 1999
The Careful Carriers 2010
Toll Mining Services (MH) Pty Ltd 1998
Warrego Livestock Transport 2020
Wickham Freightlines Pty Ltd 2011
Wintranz 2007
Zarb Road Transport Pty Ltd 1997 Finalist 2018
Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
Auz Country Carriers 2023
Bass Strait Transport 2020
Branstrans Pty Ltd 1997
Don Watson Pty Ltd 2014
F Vitale & Sons Pty Ltd 2023
Greenfreight 2000
I & M Simpson & Son Pty Ltd 2015
K & S Freighters Corp Ltd 1996
M C Herd Pty Ltd 2020
Macheda Transport 2020
Melbourne Transport & Warehousing 2021
Porthaul 2001
Ron Finemore Transport Pty Ltd 2005
Thompson’s Transport Pty Ltd 2012
Transedel Pty Ltd 2015
Turosi Pty Ltd 2022
Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
Brianna Tas Pty Ltd 2018
Cresswell’s Transport 2010
De Bruyn’s Transport 2011
Hingston Transport 2011
Monson Logistics Pty Ltd 2017 Finalist 2024
Qube Bulk Pty Ltd 2021
SeaRoad Logistics Pty Ltd 2010 Winner 2023
SRT Logistics 2009 Finalist 2018, Finalist 2022
Tasmanian Heavy Haulage Pty Ltd 2020


South Australia
Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
Collins Adelaide 1997 Winner 2017, Finalist 2023
D & S Smith Transport 1998
Dennis Transport Pty Ltd 2011
Eagle Contractors Pty Ltd 2013
Edmonds Transport Pty Ltd 2022
Harrold Services 2019
McArdle Freight 1998
Quinn Transport Pty Ltd 2011
South West Freight Pty Ltd 1997 Finalist 2013
Stef’s Transport Pty Ltd 1999
Whiteline Transport (Aust) Pty Ltd 1998
Northern Territory
Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
A & F Transport 1998
Directhaul Pty Ltd 1998 Winner 2014
Elizabeth River Haulage 2024
Tanami Transport 1998 Finalist 2015
Western Australia
Member First Accredited John Kelly Memorial Award
Dalwallinu Haulage Pty Ltd 2018
Marley’s Transport Pty Ltd 1999 Winner 2024
Mitchell’s Livestock Transport 2015

Below are members of TruckSafe who have made a committment towards becoming accredited. They are in the process of developing and implementing best-practice policies, processes, and procedures before undergoing an entry audit for TruckSafe accreditation.

Members Working Towards Accreditation
Name State
Thomas Foods International Stawell Pty Limited VIC
Knights Heavy Towing & Recovery Services QLD
Sutton Road Training Centre (TISC) ACT
Wyuna Cold Stores NT NT
Exodus Pty Ltd QLD
Access Fuels NSW
East Coast Transport Solutions NSW
HPT Enterprises VIC
Malwa Freightlines Pty Ltd VIC

Please note that although the above members have made a committment they are not yet accredited and are not permitted to display the TruckSafe logo.