Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the common questions asked when finding out more about TruckSafe.

If there isn’t an answer to your question here please do not hesitate to contact us!

What is TruckSafe?

TruckSafe is a world class business and risk management system that is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nationwide. Our independently audited accreditation scheme gives your customers and the community the confidence that you have responsible work practices, well maintained vehicles, healthy and trained drivers and management systems to meet their transport needs.

You will be able to demonstrate that you are not only meeting, but exceeding your requirements under the HVNL for Chain of Responsibility.

What are the requirements?

TruckSafe has a minimum set of standards that must be met in order to be accredited. These standards are grouped within 7 modules – Business Management, Risk Management, Driver Health & Wellbeing, Speed Management, Fatigue Management, MDLR Management, and Vehicle Standards (Maintenance) Management.

There is also an additional module for livestock operators, TruckSafe Animal Welfare.

How is TruckSafe different from NHVAS?

Unlike the NHVAS, TruckSafe accreditation helps to promote a safety culture within your business as it is not cost driven. TruckSafe is about having the right systems in place to promote a safe working environment through regular vehicle maintenance, ongoing risk assessment, training, and the welfare of employees.

What kind of businesses use the TruckSafe accreditation system?

We have businesses of all sizes, tasks and sectors using the TruckSafe system. Businesses choose TruckSafe for a variety of reasons – operational efficiency and system management, insurance and compliance needs, customer driven requirements or just to guide and support their business during either consolidation and/or expansion periods. A business is as good as the foundation it rests upon – TruckSafe provides a good foundation for quality and safety standards.

What if I only have 1 truck or I’m an owner driver?

No problem! TruckSafe is suitable for any size business, be it a large corporation or a small mum-and-dad operator. Even more important for single operators, it gives them the structure and systems that the larger companies have. When something goes wrong the authorities don’t discriminate between larger and smaller operators.

How can TruckSafe help my business?

Through the implementation of the TruckSafe system, your business will benefit from a more structured environment. TruckSafe sets a standard where everyone from the owner down must lift their standards to perform to a certain level.

TruckSafe businesses are regarded as the best in the industry which helps when working with other companies – they can be assured that a TruckSafe accredited member will have superior standards set in place. Being a TruckSafe member can potentially put your business in front of another when tendering for a contract.

Will TruckSafe enable me to meet my obligations under CoR?

Being accredited with TruckSafe will help to ensure that your business has the right systems in place to minimise any breaches under the updated Chain of Responsibility laws. Be aware though, that your business is only one link in the supply chain, and that breaches from other businesses in the chain may have an effect on you.

To help minimise this even further, it is strongly encouraged that any contractors you engage also be TruckSafe accredited to maintain the high level of compliance that you have set with your business.

What about the Master Code, what does that have to do with TruckSafe?

TruckSafe is one of the first accreditation schemes to be Master Code compliant. The Master Code is a Registered Industry Code of Practice (RICP).

By adopting an RICP through TruckSafe and developing an effective risk management process, your business may be offered protection from certain litigation as you will be able to prove that you have complied with all relevant standards and procedures under CoR.

What kind of help is available to set up the TruckSafe system in my business?

For our members we have a members access area that contains sample policies & procedures, sample manuals, along with forms and guides. Additional information is being added to members access all the time. Additionally we can refer you to an accreditation consultant that will be able to set the TruckSafe system up in your business. These accrditation consultants are independent of TruckSafe and will charge a fee for this service.

How long does it take to be accredited once I become a member?

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on:

a) what you already have in place and documented; and

b) what resources you have to focus on it.

General estimates show most members have needed a few months to plan, document, train and check their systems before applying for an entry audit. However, if you already have almost everything in place as a result of other accreditations that you are in, the whole process can be done in a matter of weeks.

How much time does it take to maintain the accreditation?

Once your system is in place, you will need someone to capture the data (or tracking evidence) for some of the standards and you will also need to run an audit program, internally, to make sure everything is operating as you expected. If you find any issues, you can get them corrected along the way.

These systems will take some time out of your day / week / month end processes. Most small companies are able to incorporate these tasks within the existing administrative and operational roles. Larger businesses will have dedicated resources. There are also some technology systems that can further refine and reduce the administrative tasks for data collection.

How much does it cost?

Membership fees are based on the number of powered vehicles you have in your fleet. Depending on how many vehicles you have will determine which level you fit in to.

For more information on membership fees please contact us.

What do I get for my membership fee?

The fees that you pay are inclusive of the cost of your single site audit and the overall administration of the TruckSafe scheme nationally. You will also receive a letter and certificate confirming your accreditation, be listed here on the website as an accredited member, and you can use TruckSafe to promote your business as being amongst the safest in the trucking industry.

You will have use of our Member Access area where we provide everything you need to set up your TruckSafe system.

We also have our member benefits program that provides exclusive discounts or benefits on products and services relevant to transport businesses. 

What kind of payment plans to you have?

Membership fees are paid using a pay-by-the-month  direct debit subscription through our partnership with Debitsuccess. More information regarding our direct debit monthly payment system is available here.

Annual invoicing is available upon request.

How long do i have to become accredited once i become a member?

Once you become a member you have up to 12 months to set up your TruckSafe system, undergo an entry audit, and become accredited.

We provide some assistance to you to help set up your system including access to our member access area where resources are available. If you wish to have someone set your system up for you we can recommend a suitable external consultant to so this for you, however these external consultants are not employed by TruckSafe and will charge you for their services.

Is it true you're becoming a Safety Management System?

Yes! We are working on moving from the current prescriptive standards-based (reactive) approach to a much more flexible risk-based (proactive) safety management system (SMS).

It is expected that the change will take place later in 2024. Keep checking back for updates as the move progresses.