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Each month we answer a question that relates to Chain of Responsibility.

The question for this month is:


    Our business is dependent on using transport subcontractors. Many are small. I have no faith in the compliance practices of some of these subcontractors because they are too small and too busy to develop compliance plans. What am I meant to do?


    Most transport operators are small to medium family businesses, running a small fleet of one or a few trucks.

    They are not exempt from the Heavy Vehicle National Law.

    The whole concept of CoR is that safety is a shared responsibility, so you may be held liable for a subcontractor’s shortcomings. If you are concerned about a subcontractor’s compliance, you would need to share the safety obligation and bring them into the fold of your own compliance practices.

    Otherwise, you would expose yourself to compliance and penalty risks.

    The information contained in this article is of a general nature and does not constitute legal advice.

    Credit: CoR Advisor, Portner Press

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