Payment Variation Form Requests

With the new simplified 4 tier fee schedule the likelyhood of moving to a new tier has been greatly reduced.

However when you have advised us of a change in your equipment list that results in a move to a higher tier while using the monthly direct debit payment service, you will be required to sign and submit a payment variation form to enable TruckSafe to commence monthly direct debit payments at the new higher tier rate.

The form is required to ensure you have transparency with your payments, help you ensure sufficient funds are available at the time of the next payment, and prevent you from having any unexpected surprises.

TruckSafe will provide the form with your updated payment amount for you to confirm, sign and submit.

The new payment amount will commence from the next payment date after we first advised you of the change.

If you choose not to sign and submit this form promptly after being requested to do so by TruckSafe or Debitsuccess, you will unfortunately lose access to TruckSafe’s products and services, including the Member Access area of this website along with the suspension of any pending TruckSafe audit you may have (even if already booked). We will continue to pause your access only until we have reached a satisfactory outcome.

Should a satisfactory outcome not be achieved after being provided the form within 7 days or when your next payment is due (whichever comes first) we will exercise one or more the following options:


We will debit your next payment at your existing payment schedule rate (even if your access has been paused) and apply the difference to the following payment once we have recieved the form. If we have not received the form by the following payment we will use one of the other options.


We will cancel your monthly payment and revert your membership to being invoiced annually. An invoice for the difference between the amount already paid and the amount remaining for the annual fee will immediately become due and payable. You will then continue to be invoiced annually.


We will bring your membership and accreditation to an end. If you are a new member on a fixed contract a penalty for early exit will still apply. If you wish to rejoin you will be required to sign up again as a new member with a fixed contract.

When an equipment list change occurs that results in you moving to a lower tier, you are not required to submit a form. We will advise you of the change and adjust the payment amount automatically from the next payment date. Please note we need at least 48 hours notice before your payment is due to make the change.

We are here to work with you to ensure you understand the reason for the payment variation so you can be confident that you are being charged correctly. We encourage you to contact TruckSafe as soon as possible if you have any queries or concerns.

Signed and completed forms should be sent to Debitsuccess for processing.